You have failed to love and tolerate.

Love and tolerance is a pathetic excuse for the fandom to say "I can do whatever I want because your input doesn't matter". It's that exact phrase every "troll" [sic] wants to hear after insulting the oversensitive ponyfags, because in reality, they have nothing wittier to say otherwise. Those who advocate it end up being the same proponent to remind the world how delusional the fandom has become. The catchphrase that started out as an inside joke, a countertroll, ended up being among MLPG's biggest regrets.

Dating back to the old days of /co/, whether a person was a trolling or not, was almost irrelevant to the fans because there was no obsessive attachment to it, and was ineffective. Back at that time, their response was more like, "hey, listen to me; we're not as much of a faggot as you think we are. The show's actually pretty decent." However, as the fandom rapidly developed, /co/ just simply grew sick of explaining it. So instead, they used a macro of Twilight glaring distantly from a field, captioned "I'm gonna tolerate & love the shit outta you," to pretend that they actually used religious morals from the show to troll people for the lulz. There was never a philosophical purpose behind it. That's when Ponychan arrived and adopted the term "Love and Tolerate" from this image macro from /co/. Mods often enforced this motto as a rule of the site. As for the rest, go figure.


The preceding macro.

Love - meaning "We like you no matter who you are"'

Tolerance - meaning "We don't mind the fucked up things you do"

The term is used to excuse ponyfags from a reality check, as a way of saying, "don't judge me for what I do," and often will want you to believe its comparable to racism. First of all, you ARE supposed to judge people for who they are, and if 'who they are' is an obsessive ponyfag, then be it. Second of all, by saying we fandom is about love and tolerance, makes you even more of an outcast anyhow.

The Wall of Shame

People the World has Failed to Love Things the World has Failed to Tolerate
Adolf Hitler – the Russians bullied his troops out of Stalingrad Cat abuse
Bin Laden – Those sick Americunts invaded his home. Biological warfare
Josef Stalin – I’m sure that whole famine thing was for a good cause. Concentration/death camps
Delphine LaLaurie – Dismemberment? She just like puzzles, I swear! New world order