130966638249-average ponychan age

Some bronies call for desperate measures.

Let's take a journey through chernobyl, shall we?

/meta/ - consists almost entirely of CAN U PLZ UNBAN ME or PLZ BAN THIS MEANIE, and sometimes you'll stumble upon an "I WANT MY /EF/ BACK" thread.

/arch/ - The library full of the greatest instances of hugboxing on this site, but if it's anything actually funny, no no no get out get out.

/merch/ - It's for those who don't give a shit about dignity

/IRC/ - some new mediocre chatroom full of idle users.

/pony/ - it's people complaining about the show, expressing rather arrogant opinions about a show with cartoon horses, just like early 2011 /co/ MLPG's.

/pic/ - where people collect templates for avatarfagging.

/oat/ - too much faggotry for one page.

/art/ - tell someone your hate their art and expect a ban by the end of the day.

/fic/- strictly moderated, but the only useful board /collab/ - never works anymore. many projects go unnoticed.

/rp/ - not the sexy kind apparently...the shitty work-safe kind

/ooc/ - a place to discuss your personal interest of horsefucking before intering /rp/

/phoenix/ - A topic that rises from its ashes and is reborn once more - overdramatic much? LOL DEAD.

/chat/- The biggest tripfag circlejerk of the century /dis/ - UBER-WALL-OF-TEXT board. tl;dr.

/gala/ - UBER WALL-OF-REPLIES board. also tl;dr

/vinyl/ - A bunch of hipsters and stuff...