Reddit and his wife.

Reddit (aka 4chan's punching bag) is a decent site which acts as a forum with a rating system, which naturally omits the trolls with little aid of moderation. While it's above most of those shitty meme sites who desperately monetize off other people's work, (example: Quickmeme, memebase, memegenerator,) it still forces memes and remains shitlisted for this status.

The "Redd" in Reddonychan

The reason as to why its name is merged with Wiki's title, Reddonychan Daily is to mock the cancer - whether its from Reddit, or from the ironic shitposting that has dominated 4chan.

However, 4chan would also have you believe that Reddit's users are all underage kiddies. Considering 4chan is technically an 18+ site, this claim would seem convincing. But the funny thing is, 4chan's demographics are actually younger than Reddit.


But then again, meme forcing is shitposting, and ironic shitposting is all the same shit tier so It doesn't really matter anyways.

Oh shit, now you've done it.

On monday, November 19, Tosh.0 had a segment featuring a few subreddits and poked fun at them. Among these subreddits included /r/clopclop, which was exposed, uncensored, to a national audience. Butthurt ensued by bronies on the "ponyfag spectrum, and much lulz ensued by bronies outside of the ponyfag spectrum for a few reasons.