• Looks like Clifford might need a little neutering.
  • The most grimdark game of 1995.
  • Two fluffy ponies hanging out with King Ghidorah.
  • More fluffy ponies can be found at derpibooru.
The Fluffy Pony General is a beautiful and lovable place for those who embrace their love for cute ponies up to their last heartbeat. It's for those kinds of people who are willing to suffocate from adorableness to magnitudes of extraordinary levels. You know what I'm talking about right? You gotta see for yourself. I mean, aw man, these people sure got a killer story to tell here!


The concept itself actually existed prior to these events, but back at 4chan MLPG's final months in /co/, our former /co/mrades got a hold of a unique pony vector named "Fluffle Puff," whereas they expressed their concern on its lack of adorableness. So instead of chasing after the mastermind behind this impressive work of art, they decided to take the matter on their own hands. And what a spectacle it turned out to be. Once /mlp/ was established, Fluffy Ponies gained independence in its own general.

An older ancestor

An older ancestor.

A thread unveiled.

Let's see what our gallery has to offer today. Feel free to read and indulge upon our library, which has a variety of award-winning literature by writers one-upping the intelligence of any author in the past decade.? Most of the brilliant artwork lays on the hands of Derpibooru. That's where the artists really show their guts!

No fun allowed.

So fun it's against the, really. If you spot some good OC in any of those threads you want to keep, save it immediately. Every night, the janitor removes these threads without fail. After all, you don't wanna scare the kiddies who go there. However, if you are one of those sensitive kiddies, theres a nice content filtering feature on 4chan x you can use. Just copypaste /Fluffy_Ponies/;boards:mlp;op:yes;stub:no into the filter box.

As of recently, it appears that Fluffy Ponies get to stay, as long as you keep all the gore out. But sadly that ruins all the fun as well.